What is MyALTCS?

MyALTCS is an automated online tool designed by JacksonWhite Elder Law to help Arizonans apply for the ALTCS benefit.  MyALTCS is not suitable for every ALTCS applicant, but it is highly useful to those who already meet or who are very close to meeting all of ALTCS eligibility requirements.  MyALTCS walks applicants through the application process step-by-step and prepares them for their meeting with an ALTCS representative.  Along the way, MyALTCS watches for potential eligibility issues and instructs applicants on how to resolve these issues before they apply for the benefit.  Applicants save precious time and money by preparing for their ALTCS interview with MyALTCS.  ALTCS applicants should visit to learn more or use our ALTCS calculator tool below:

MyALTCS Quick Calculator tool

How does MyALTCS work?

MyALTCS is designed so that anybody can use it.  Here is how it works:

  • Step 1: Use the MyALTCS Quick Calculator tool to determine whether any ALTCS eligibility issues need to be addressed before using MyALTCS.
  • Step 2: Sign up and create a MyALTCS account for only $24.95.  The account remains active for 30 days from the day the account is created.
  • Step 3: Follow MyALTCS through the ALTCS application process step-by-step.  MyALTCS provides instructions along the way, and generates a checklist that explains to applicants what types of documentation and information they must give to the state.
  • Step 4: Use the MyALTCS Form to fill out Arizona’s ALTCS application.  MyALTCS gives applicants all of the information they need when applying for the benefit.

What benefits does MyALTCS provide subscribers with?

MyALTCS subscribers receive the following benefits:

  • MyALTCS identifies potential ALTCS eligibility problems and directs subscribers to the solutions.
  • MyALTCS walks subscribers through every question asked during the ALTCS application process.
  • MyALTCS explains to subscribers the documentation they must bring to the local ALTCS office.
  • MyALTCS offers tips on the application process, and eligibility information that local ALTCS offices do not freely divulge.
  • MyALTCS provides tips on communicating with local ALTCS representatives.
  • MyALTCS produces a printable ALTCS application summary, which subscribers can provide to the local ALTCS office to streamline the application process.
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