Casa Grande has dozens of options when it comes to senior living, with a number of assisted living facilities, group homes and nursing facilities located in Casa Grande and the surrounding areas.  Having a variety of living options, however, is only helpful to Casa Grande seniors who can pay for their long-term care.  Those who are unable to afford costly long-term healthcare may require the assistance of a Casa Grande Elder Law Attorney.  A Casa Grande attorney can help prepare seniors to become eligible for assistance in the event that they require long-term healthcare.

JacksonWhite has an office located right in Casa Grande where our Elder Law team is stationed to help seniors and their families with ALTCS planning.  These professionals draw upon their knowledge of the locale to help Casa Grande seniors make the best possible long-term healthcare decisions.  Casa Grande seniors can also call a Casa Grande Elder Care Coordinator to learn more about public benefits and healthcare options.  Casa Grande seniors can contact JacksonWhite at the following locations:

JacksonWhite Casa Grande Office Location
107 E. 4th St.
Casa Grande, AZ 85222
Phone: (520) 836-0111

Consultation with JacksonWhite Elder Care Coordinator
(800) 243-1160

Casa Grande seniors who work with JacksonWhite can be confident that their preparations will lead to the best possible outcome.  JacksonWhite’s benefits specialists are prepared to help Casa Grande ALTCS applicants with every step of the application process, and are familiar with all of the relevant ALTCS policies and procedures.  Casa Grande families in need of direction can rely on JacksonWhite to help them obtain proper long-term care.  Casa Grande ALTCS applicants who qualify for the benefit without any planning, on the other hand, can simply apply with the Casa Grande ALTCS Office at the following location:

Casa Grande ALTCS Office
500 N. Florence Street
Casa Grande, AZ 85222
Phone:  (520) 421-1500

Once approved for the ALTCS benefit, Casa Grande seniors partner with a Program Contractor to obtain their healthcare services.  Program contractors assign a case manager who can work closely with ALTCS members and their primary physicians to determine a suitable level of care.  ALTCS members then select healthcare providers from within a network, much like an HMO.  As questions about long-term healthcare come up, ALTCS members and their families can address them with their case manager.

Casa Grande ALTCS members can select from the following Program Contractors:

Pinal/Gila County Long Term Care
Phone:  (800) 831-4213

Long Term Care Division of Developmental Disabilities/DES
Phone:  (800) 624-4964