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How to Prepare for Long-term Care

Question: I am 55 years old and I have spent the past year helping my father transition into an assisted living community. The process has been difficult, not to mention expensive. Along the way, I learned about the Arizona Long Term Care System program, and I wish I would have known about it from the outset. What can I do now to help me prepare for ALTCS in case I need long-term care myself?

Staying In-network for Long-term Care

Question: I filed an Arizona Long Term Care System application for my wife nearly a year ago, and I have had a horrible time trying to manage and understand the process on my own. After many months of working on this process, I am now being told that my wife has to move to a different facility in order to qualify for the benefit. Can ALTCS really tell me where my wife has to live?

State Pension Can Trim Security Pay

Question: What are the rules that regulate when your Social Security check will be reduced because you also receive a state pension?

Long-term Care Denials Not Permanent

Question: My father was hospitalized about a year ago and the hospital social worker filed an Arizona Long Term Care System application on his behalf, but ALTCS denied the application. Recently, we started looking for longterm placement for my father, but discovered that such placement is extremely expensive. What are our options?

Beneficiary Deed Overrides Will

Question: Prior to her death, my mom prepared a simple will outlining her wishes to divide her property equally between me and my siblings. When I was cleaning out her drawers, however, I found a beneficiary deed that purported to give me her home upon her death. Does this mean that the house is mine?

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