Summer Traveling and Dementia

By May 21, 2008Uncategorized

Wish You Were Here!So maybe you don’t plan on visiting a remote beach on some remote island like the one pictured here, but most Arizonans like to beat the heat at least for a couple of days.¬†

But what if you are the caregiver or family member to someone suffering with dementia? The Alzheimer’s Association Desert Southwest Chapter had an interesting article in their summer newsletter regarding traveling with loved ones diagonsed with Alzheimer’s. They had some¬†great tips that we thought were important as summer kicks-off here in Arizona.

  • Plan a managable vacation. Keep it simple. Keep it short.
  • Stay away from busy places or situations that may cause the person to feel over stimulated.
  • Consider a vacation package that allows you to leave early, without financial penalty, if the person becomes ill or wants to return home.
  • Develop a list of destinations and contact infomation for family members.
  • Identify local Alzheimer’s Associations along your travel route. In case of a medical emergency, staff may be able to local doctors and other needed services.
  • Advise airlines, hotels or tour operators that you’re traveling with a person who has memory loss. Inform them of your special needs.
  • Prepare identification items for the person.
  • Never leave the person alone or with a stranger.
  • Allow for extra time for destination arrival, restroom breaks, ect.
  • Maintain familiar eating patterns and times as much as possible. Also try to maintain daily routines such as bathing.

For more information or for a copy of the complete article, visit the Alzheimer’s Association Web site. Have a safe and happy summer traveling with your loved ones.