Feed On What Exactly?

By June 5, 2008Uncategorized

Have you ever wondered what exactly a RSS Feed is?  I know I have, and I’m glad I took the time to find out!  RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  It is designed to keep you up to date on Web sites you like to visit regularly. The idea is, instead of having to go to each Web site separately to check for updates, you can use RSS to view them easily in one application. 

Okay, so how does the RSS feed thing work?

  1. Well, most web browsers have a RSS reader built into the tool bar that looks like this: RSS Feed 
  2. When you first view a Web site, and feeds are available, your RSS Feeds button will light up orange indicating that feeds are available on that particular site. 
  3. If you frequently visit a particular site for updates, then take advantage of RSS and subscribe to the feed!
  4. To subscribe to a feed, first click the RSS Feeds button and then click Subscribe to this Feed.

How do I view all of my feeds I’ve subscribed to in one simple application?

You will view your feeds under the Feeds tab in the Favorites Center, which is located in the tool bar of your web browser.  Click the Favorites Center button, and then click feeds.  Voila!  You can subscribe to as many feeds as you like.  Every time your favorite Web sites are updated with fresh material you will be notified in your Feeds tab.  So don’t be shy, feed on as many Web sites as you like! Including this one!