HOA Woes

By June 26, 2008Uncategorized

JacksonWhite is committed to Arizona’s senior community. But this commitment goes beyond helping with the financial and legal difficulties associated with paying for long-term care or aiding a disabled individual with their estate planning. Currently, there are 21 attorneys at JacksonWhite and one of the legal practice areas at the firm respresents homeowners with claims against their HOA’s.

The case described in the video below is about a disabled Arizona senior whose HOA is prohibiting her from parking her van in a spot that is convienient for her and her motorized wheelchair. Our attorney, Clint Goodman, successfully respresented her in court, but the struggle with her HOA still continues today. This clip is just a short version – for the full segment, visit http://www.hoawebtv.com.  Feel free to call our office with any questions or concerns about HOA claims or senior exploitation cases.