Redirect, Don’t Correct

By July 30, 2008Uncategorized

Are you caring for a loved one with dementia?  As a caregiver myself, I know how difficult it can be.  We sometimes think if we remind those we are caring for enough, they might remember.  All we end up doing is frustrating ourselves and creating more confusion for them.   Let’s face it, denial is a true defense mechanism that we all may encounter at one point or another throughout our caregiving journey.  You may find ways to cope with your caregiving issues by reading books or getting advice from a support group.  What seems to work best for me is choosing to redirect.  I recognize that her reality is not the same as mine.  If she says it’s Thursday then by all means, Thursday it is.  If you have a rule, trick, or words to live by that have or are helping you we would love to hear from you –  please share.  You are not in this alone.