Representative Payee

Do you have a resident in your building that is not paying their share of cost?  Is the resident not able to handle their own financial affairs?   Did you know that you can apply to become representative payee (rep payee) for their social security payment (SS)?  A rep payee can be an individual person or an organization that receives and manages the beneficiaries SS payment.  This is an option that is available through your local Social Security Office.  It is important that you understand their full situation prior to applying.  If you feel that becoming a Rep payee is the only option it is recommended that the case be pre-screened before hand.  Our outreach staff at Jackson White is available to analyze the situation prior to applying for Rep payee.  There are some situations where becoming Rep payee will negatively affect other benefits.  For example you DO NOT want to apply for Rep payee if the resident is on ALTCS with a Miller Trust.  I hope this information is helpful and if you have any questions or are interested in a free pre-screen please call Jackson White (480) 464-1111.

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