Please don’t wait….

By October 17, 2009Uncategorized

So many of our calls that come in for our “Free Pre-Screen” have to do with Advance Directives –  or I should say – the Lack of having Advance Directives in place.  Please do not wait to complete your power of attorney forms.   You should have a Financial Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney AND the Mental Health Power of Attorney forms done.  All of these needed documents are on our website for FREE!!!  Please don’t put off doing them.   If you do not complete these documents and something happens to you that you are unable to make your wishes known, emergency guardianship can be very expensive. 

The document we get asked about the most is the MENTAL HEALTH  POWER OF ATTORNEY – Yes you need one!!!!!  Even in rare circumstances that you may need to be admitted to a Level One behavioral health center and need psychotropic medication – this is the only way your agent can admit you.   A medical Power attorney document in not enough in AZ. 

Free Form…vs…..Expensive Guardianship- the choice is yours!!!