Memory Care

By July 29, 2010Uncategorized

Did you know that there are special residential settings for those with a Dementia?  Times are hard enough when you are faced with the realization that your loved one needs more care then you add the pressure of finding a setting that has availability, in close proximity to you, which you can afford and that understands mom’s sun downing.  Memory Care is available in both the assisted living and nursing home care settings.  As a social worker myself, I have visited multiple Memory Care communities.  I am comforted in the fact that all the staff have been trained and receive continued education on the many things that make this disease unique. Wandering, aggression, disruptive and resistiveness can all be symptoms of this disease.  Memory Care staff will be able to address the issue from a “redirect don’t correct” standpoint.  Its okay that “Jim” thinks its Saturday and he needs to get ready for work.  Memory Care staff may assist “Jim” in picking out his work gear and prepare his sack lunch for the day.  The mere fact that “Jim” was not corrected on the day and reminded that he is retired adds quality to his life.  There comes a time when it is more effective for us to join their reality.

So don’t forget to include in your search those communities that offer Memory Care.  And don’t forget to explore other possible payer sources such as Arizona Long Term Care (ALTCS).  If your loved one is financially and medically approved for ATLCS a portion of their room and board can be covered by the program.  For more information on Memory Care options and ALTCS please call JacksonWhite toll free at 1-800-243-1160 and ask to speak with one of our Elder Care Coordinators.