New retirement community model popping up on campuses around the country

By January 19, 2011Uncategorized

When you think of retirement communities, you probably think of a quaint neighborhood on a small golf course, probably somewhere where there is little traffic and plenty of serenity.  One thing that probably does not come to mind, however, is a bustling college campus.  But, as a recent story in the New York Times reported, there is a new retirement community model making its way around the country that is actually centered on campus life.  And while this model has yet to make serious headway, it is very promising, and definitely something worth mentioning to those caring for elderly parents in AZ.

The idea behind these communities is that seniors can remain involved and active in life as they age.  So, rather than tucking seniors away in a remote community, a better option is to keep them involved with life and integrated with the community.  And, what better place to do this than on or near a university campus where they can continue their pursuit for lifetime learning.  Seniors living in these environments are encouraged to enroll in classes and seminars where they not only continue their education, but are also be a part of the classroom environment.  Ideally, their homes are located within walking distance of classrooms, so in addition to receiving mental stimulation, they also engage in daily exercise by walking to class.  To top this off, they have the built in entertainment and social factors that come along with college sports and arts.  Lastly, and perhaps most notably, these arrangements allow seniors to obtain healthcare from the university system should they require attention.

These arrangements are becoming more widespread, and are emerging at some of the nation’s best universities.  The catch, of course, is that they are quite costly to get into, and they also charge a steep monthly fee.  In all respects, this type of arrangement can be considered high-end care.  But, what about those who cannot afford to move across the country and into one of these types of living arrangements?  Obviously Arizona has retirement communities of its own, not to mention the vast array of senior healthcare facilities that also operate in the state.  And, moreover, for seniors who require long-term healthcare, Arizona Medicaid may be available to pay for this care if they meet income and resource requirements.  Learning more about Arizona Medicaid eligibility can be as easy as calling an Elder Law attorney, which is something everybody caring for elderly parents in AZ ought to do.