National Prescription Drug Take-Back

By March 22, 2011Uncategorized

Statistically speaking, seniors tend to receive a greater number of prescriptions than other groups of people.  And resultantly, many seniors have numerous prescription medications stored in their homes, some of which they may no longer need.  Unfortunately, this unique circumstance can make seniors prime targets for theft, as there is a growing demand for certain prescription medications in black markets.

Of course, seniors can protect themselves from this type of activity by simply ridding their homes of unneeded or expired medications, particularly of the narcotic variety.  To help facilitate this, the Drug Enforcement Administration has partnered with Arizona law enforcement agencies to implement the National Prescription Drug Take-Back (NDTP) program.

NDTP is a free and anonymous service that collects unwanted prescription drugs from people throughout the state on an annual basis.  Last year, Arizonans turned in well over 6,000 pounds of prescription drugs on NDTP day, and the DEA hopes to collect even more this year.  Collection sites will open up on April 30, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Arizonans are encouraged to deposit their old prescription medications to a designated site on that day.  Arizona seniors can help further this cause by ridding their homes of unwanted prescription medications.