Can Arizona wills be handwritten?

Common problems with handwritten Arizona wills:

Arizona wills that are handwritten are referred to as holographic wills.  And while holographic wills are allowed under Arizona law, there are several reasons that you might want to avoid writing a holographic will.  First of all, Arizona wills that are handwritten are often difficult to understand because they tend to use language that is open to interpretation.  Second, Arizona wills that are handwritten often make attempts to devise assets that cannot be controlled by a will, thus these would be inheritances fail.  And third, Arizona wills that are handwritten are more likely to be challenged in court than wills prepared by an attorney.

Avoiding problems with Arizona wills:

You can steer clear of the problems that stem from handwritten Arizona wills by recruiting the assistance of an experienced probate attorney.  Arizona wills that are drafted by a qualified attorney tend to be clear, precise, and easy for the courts to understand.  Further, wills drafted by a qualified attorney tend to comply with the statutory requirements that control Arizona wills.

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