What lawyers who handle guardianship in Arizona focus on

Lawyers who handle guardianship in Arizona typically deal with a range of issues in addition to just guardianships.  Perhaps most obviously, lawyers who handle guardianship in Arizona without exception also handle conservatorship cases.  While a guardian and a conservator have different responsibilities, the legal proceeding necessary to establish both guardianships and conservatorships is virtually identical.  And because guardianships and conservatorships are so closely related, lawyers who handle guardianship in Arizona also handle conservatorship in Arizona.

Because guardianships are so often necessary for the elderly, lawyers who handle guardianship in Arizona are also likely to deal with other issues pertinent to elderly clients.  One such issue is long-term care planning, which is the process by which elderly clients work with their attorney to arrange their affairs so that they may eventually qualify for Arizona’s long-term care Medicaid program, known as ALTCS.  Sometimes the guardianship proceeding is integral to long-term care planning, while other times the planning takes place independently.

Many times, lawyers who handle guardianship in Arizona also deal with probate issues.  Guardianship proceedings take place in the probate court, and there is an overlap of issues that are relevant to both guardianship proceedings and probate proceedings.  Legal counsel can be helpful in all stages of probate, ranging from estate planning to avoid probate or in serving as the personal representative of an estate in probate.

At JacksonWhite, our lawyers who handle guardianship in Arizona also handle a wide range of related issues.  We have years of experience dealing with Elder Law issues, and we welcome your questions.  If you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers who handles guardianship in Arizona, please call (480) 818-6912, or fill out a consultation form.


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