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Does Arizona Medicaid cover dental services?

One question that comes up about Arizona Medicaid is whether the ALTCS benefit covers dental services.  Unfortunately, while dental services were covered for a brief time back in 2008, Arizona Medicaid no longer provides these services to members.  As you can probably surmise, the reason for this is that the state simply does not have the funding to cover dental care for Arizona Medicaid members.

Even though the ALTCS benefit does not cover dental services, however, there is a way that ALTCS members can recoup some of the costs of routine dental care.  ALTCS requires members to pay what is called a share of cost for their long-term care services, the amount of which is determined by the member’s specific financial situation.  Members who have dental expenses can deduct this amount from their share of cost, which ultimately shifts the expense back to the Medicaid program.

So while the short answer is that Arizona Medicaid does not cover dental services, ALTCS members can find help for needed dental care in the form of a reduced share of cost.  ALTCS members or those caring for elderly parents in AZ can learn more about the Arizona Medicaid program by speaking with an Elder Law attorney.

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