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Spend down refresher

Although you must meet strict resource requirements to qualify for Arizona Medicaid, an ALTCS attorney might be able to help.  If you are single, this means that you can have no more than $2,000 in countable assets.  If you are married and applying for Arizona Medicaid with your spouse you can have no more than $3,000 in countable assets.  And, if you are married, but applying for Arizona Medicaid alone, then specific rules apply, under which your spouse is allowed to keep at least a portion of the marital assets.

If your assets exceed the resource limit then you might have to spend down your resources before you apply for Arizona Medicaid.  And while this sounds simple enough, there are very strict rules that regulate what you may and may not spend your assets on.  The cardinal rule here is that you cannot give your assets away without suffering a penalty.  You can, however, spend countable assets on exempt assets, such as a prepaid funeral plan, a house, a car, or personal needs.  Further, you can spend down excessive resources on personal items, such as clothing, medication, and health treatment.

If you have any questions about spend down rules, you should consult with an ALTCS attorney.  If you decide to recruit the services of an Elder Law attorney, it is permissible to spend down excessive resources on legal fees, so it may be that obtaining legal counsel puts you one step closer to Arizona Medicaid eligibility.



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