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Getting Power of Attorney

Question: My grandmother lives by herself and I think she is mismanaging her finances. For the most part, she’s still pretty sharp, but I don’t know that she can keep up with her monthly bills like she used to. I want to help her, but she is fiercely independent. How can I get power of attorney to help her?

Unbefriended Elderly in Arizona

It is the resident without family. It is the patient that can not return home from the hospital because there is no one to help or provide support. It is the resident who has dementia who is unable to speak for themselves that never planned with powers of attorney. It is the developmental disabled young girl whose parents pass away without planning who would make decisions in their stead. It has been stated by numerous agencies affecting long term care that the “single greatest category of problems we encounter are those that address the care of decisionally incapable patients…those who

Of course, the best possible plan is for the patient to have a current health care power of attorney that meets the requirements of the statute.  In this situation, the patient’s designated agent shall act as the patient’s surrogate.  Also, if the court appoints a guardian for the express purpose of making health care treatment decisions, that guardian shall act as the patient’s surrogate.  If neither of the situations applies, and there is no opposing opinions between family members, the healthcare provider is responsible to make reasonable efforts to contact the following individual or individuals in the indicated order priority,

Myths About Choosing a Guardian | Estate Planning

There is one question that almost every parent will avoid answering if they can, and that question is: “Who will take care of your children if you die?” It may be a tough question to answer, but it’s necessary for parents to choose a guardian for their children in case something happens to them. Below are some common myths about choosing a guardian: 1. There is a perfect match. Most parents who look to choose a guardian to take care of their children look for one who would raise their children exactly like they would. The truth is that no

Top 10 Reasons why you may need to apply for a Guardianship or Conservatorship

Health care and financial powers of attorney are helpful tools when it comes to protecting your loved ones. Guardianships and Conservatorships are important tools to have when your loved one becomes incapacitated. Here are the top 10 reasons why you may need to apply for a guardianship or conservatorship: Your loved one: Is unable to make medical or financial decisions. Is unwilling or is unable to sign a power of attorney. Is easily agitated or becomes aggressive or combative. Gets lost or disoriented, but continues to operate a vehicle. Is being taken advantage of by a family member, friend, or

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