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What is ALTCS?

ALTCS, or Arizona Long-Term Care System is a branch of Arizona’s Medicaid program that covers long-term health care for qualifying individuals. ALTCS differs from Medicare because it is needs based, so one must meet strict eligibility requirements to qualify for the benefit.

ALTCS Benefits

Benefits that may be available through ALTCS include:

  • Full Coverage of acute care services
  • Nursing home care
  • Home and community based services
  • Services for developmentally disabled adults and children

ALTCS Eligibility

To be eligible for ALTCS, you must be an Arizona resident over 65 with a developmental disability. You must be able to meet certain medical and financial requirements in order to get approved for long-term care in Arizona.

  • Medical: If the applicant needs hands on care to perform activities of daily living, they will most likely be medically eligible.
  • Financial: The financial requirements are much more complex and often require a bit of planning. One must fall under a specific income limit AND have a limited amount of liquid assets. We can help protect your assets!


  • Average cost of long-term care in AZ is $7,000/month
  • 3-6 months for approval
  • About 79% of applicants are denied

Benefits Planning with JacksonWhite

Our team is unique and offers a full service experience throughout the entire process.


Pre-screen with a JacksonWhite Elder Care Advisor

An Elder Care Advisor from JacksonWhite's Outreach team will speak with you to assess the situation you or your loved one is facing. Based on the details of your circumstances, the Elder Care Advisor will either recommend you consult with an attorney, or steer you toward the resources you need to move forward.

If needed, consult with a JacksonWhite Elder Law Attorney

You will meet with one of our three Elder Law Attorneys for a legal consultation regarding your specific circumstances. You will have a chance to address all of your questions and concerns, and the attorney will make his professional recommendation for how to move forward, whether that be to hire JacksonWhite, or employ a different strategy.

Financial Planning with JacksonWhite Attorneys to prepare for the ALTCS application process

Upon hiring JacksonWhite, you will work with the attorneys and their legal assistants to finalize plans for your finances prior to beginning the application process.

JacksonWhite Benefit Processors assist with Document Preparation, Application Process, Medical PAS

JacksonWhite's team of benefit processors help facilitate the application process from start to finish, and apply their expertise and experience to help expedite the process. They offer our clients guidance and communication throughout the process and document preparation for optimal results.


Our unique, team approach ensures that your application process goes as smoothly as possible. Typically, the approval process takes between three to six months.

Start Your FREE Pre-screen Now. Call 480-464-1111 or Complete the Form Below.

As I have said too many times, there is no way I could have done it without you. On occasion, people with elderly parents asked how I handled everything. I told them I didn't, I told them a bunch of people at JacksonWhite were holding my hand all the way. Please pass on my sincere thanks to the team.

Janet, Tucson AZ

I could have never navigated this situation without the team at JacksonWhite. Everyone there worked together and with me. They held my hand every step of the way. They went above and beyond and were never too busy for any of my questions or issues. They made working on this project from out of state possible.

R.M., Michigan

I was very happy with the speed and attention given to my situation. My mom's case worker referred me. You were a life saver - literally.

A.T., Casa Grande, AZ

I was very pleased with everyone I came in contact with, including Tyler White. They were all very efficient and professional as well as personable and I couldn't have done it without their help. I would definitely use them again, if needed.

R.M., Phoenix, AZ

Eric Macdonald was outstanding during the five months it took to get the ALTCS approval. I wish I had known about JacksonWhite when I initially applied. Eric added the additional bonus of long-term planning we had not considered for our unique family situation.

Y.E., Pacific Palisades CA

I appreciated everyone being so accessible and explaining things patiently. A stressful process overall, but I couldn't have done it without the JacksonWhite team!

A.A. Mesa, AZ

Statement from Founding Shareholder, Richard White

Each year, about 79 percent of ALTCS applicants are denied eligibility for long-term care coverage. Although this denial rate is disturbingly high, individuals might overcome eligibility issues by making simple preparations. In some cases, a qualified Elder Law attorney might be needed to provide more concrete guidance on how you can accomplish your planning goals with as little delay possible.

At JacksonWhite, our team of Elder Law attorneys, social workers, and benefit processors work together to satisfy whatever long-term health care needs you may have. Our hope is to provide tools that offer the knowledge and answers you need to make this difficult process just a little bit easier. Please do not hesitate to call us for a free pre-screen to help you identify what options are available to you. Our qualified team is here to help.

-Richard White, Esq.

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Learn More About ALTCS Eligibility Requirements

Getting Approved for ALTCS

In Arizona, ALTCS is only available to applicants who are eligible for Arizona Medicaid.

The first thing ALTCS looks for is whether an applicant passes certain medical and financial requirements in order to get approved. To learn more about getting approved, visit our ALTCS FAQs page.

Financial Requirements for ALTCS

Arizona long-term care eligibility is not always easy for applicants to obtain. Regarding Medicaid qualifications, applicants tend to encounter issues with financial requirements more often than with medical requirements.

In large part, this stems from the fact that Medicaid qualifications are quite complicated when it comes to the financial portion of the ALTCS application.

To help make sense of these rules, many applicants find it quite helpful to consult with an Elder Law firm.

ALTCS applicants can be certain that a representative from Arizona Long-Term Care System will examine their income and resources closely.  Married applicants must submit their spouse’s financial information to ALTCS for examination as well.

While eligibility rules differ for single and married applicants, every applicant is bound by specific resource and income limits.  Those who even slightly rise above these limits may be denied ALTCS approval.

Arizona Long-Term Care Exceptions and Allowances

Fortunately, Arizona Long-Term Care System has certain exceptions and allowances under which applicants with too much income or too many resources may still satisfy Medicaid qualifications. For instance, those with too much income may qualify for the benefit by working with an Elder Law attorney to establish an Income-Only Trust.

Likewise, applicants with too many resources may still qualify for the benefit by working with an Elder Law attorney to establish a Special Needs Trust. Under the right circumstances, these types of ALTCS Medicaid planning tools are extremely helpful to certain applicants.

ALTCS Eligibility: Resource Limits

ALTCS imposes very strict resource limits on those who apply for Arizona Medicaid. For the year 2018, this amount is $2,000 for an individual, but certain types of resources are not included in the calculation. In other words, ALTCS deems certain resources as exempt, or non-countable.

Under Arizona Medicaid rules, the following resources are exempt, and do not have a negative effect on your eligibility:

  • One home
  • One vehicle
  • Life insurance
  • Burial plots
  • Irrevocable prepaid funeral plans
  • Certain miscellaneous assets

Arizona Long-Term Care System counts most every other type of asset that can be converted into cash. Applicants whose countable resources exceed the resource limit, however, may engage in ALTCS planning with an Elder Law attorney to one day qualify for ALTCS.

Medicaid lawyers will explain that ALTCS always counts the following types of assets when determining Arizona long-term care eligibility:

  • Cash and bank accounts
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Retirement accounts
  • Revocable pre-paid funeral contracts
  • Revocable trusts
  • Certificates of deposit

ALTCS Eligibility: Income limits

In addition to the resource limit, ALTCS imposes an income limit on those who apply for Arizona Medicaid. While this income limit changes annually, the 2018 ALTCS rules allow single applicants to have up to $2,205 of monthly income, and married applicants applying together to have up to $4,410 of monthly income.

Although excess income creates long-term care eligibility problems, the Elder Law team at JacksonWhite Law can help those who apply for Arizona Medicaid engage in ALTCS planning that will help them meet Medicaid qualifications.

ALTCS Medical Eligibility

ALTCS does this by administering a pre-admission screening, known as the PAS, to everybody who decides to apply for Arizona Medicaid. During the PAS, an assessor from ALTCS evaluates various aspects of the applicant’s health, such as continence, orientation, behavior and whether the applicant needs assistance with activities of daily living.

Qualifying medically is ordinarily not an issue for applicants with a genuine medical need. Those afflicted with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia, and other related diseases generally need long-term health care, and can usually qualify medically for the Arizona Medicaid benefit.

To qualify financially, on the other hand, many who apply for Arizona Medicaid must engage in ALTCS planning with a qualified Arizona elder law attorney. Call (480) 464-1111 today to learn more.

The ALTCS Attorneys of JacksonWhite Law

Medicaid in Arizona (ALTCS) may help certain Arizonans pay for long-term health care.

When you need a Phoenix Medicaid (ALTCS) attorney, the help you want is at JacksonWhite. We focus our elder law practice on helping potential candidates qualify for Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALTCS). With our representation and guidance, you can be assured of getting the assistance you need to become eligible for potential public benefits.

Arizona’s Medicaid program, ALTCS, can provide many people with the long-term health care they need without causing financial strain. Perhaps your loved one has Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s, or another progressive illness that requires some assistance.

Qualifying for this type of care, however, can be difficult. The medical and financial requirements are strict and often confusing. The professionals at JacksonWhite understand the system, and we can help you with your individualized ALTCS planning needs.

With our help, you can better prepare yourself to receive the benefits you need to finance your long-term care. When you qualify for ALTCS, you can take advantage of services such as:

  • Full coverage of acute care services, which includes coverage for hospitals visits, doctor and specialist visits, prescriptions, lab work and x-rays.
  • Nursing home care, including care provided in skilled nursing facilities, residential care facilities and intensive care facilities.
  • Home and community based services, including home health nursing, adult day care, rehabilitation, medical transportation, personal and respite care, mental health services, homemaker services, attendant care, home health aids and home delivered meals.
  • A special branch designed specifically for developmentally disabled adults and children, which provides benefits in their home.

Find out more about ALTCS eligibility and requirements or call us at (480) 464-1111 to learn more.

If you’re looking for guidance with Arizona Medicaid planning, the right choice is JacksonWhite, and our experienced ALTCS planning attorneys. We also provide estate planning, probate and other legal solutions for aging individuals.

Convenient financing is available for our services. Call us today to speak with a JacksonWhite elder care adviser for a phone consultation.

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