Anybody applying for Arizona Medicaid (Arizona Long Term Care System) should know that the denial rate hovers right around 73 percent.  This means that nearly three out of every four ALTCS applicants are not approved for the benefit, and must either continue to pay for long-term health care out-of-pocket or reapply for the benefit.

And, even those who reapply and are approved for the benefit may lose out on valuable coverage for the period of time it takes them to get their affairs in order.

The Value of an Elder Law Attorney

An Elder Law attorney can be an invaluable asset to ALTCS applicants looking to obtain approval for the benefit with as little delay possible.  An Elder Law attorney is familiar with ALTCS eligibility rules and regulations, and will be able to use this knowledge to help applicants be as certain as possible that ALTCS will approve their application.

And despite an Elder Law attorney’s fees, hiring an Elder Law attorney generally saves ALTCS applicants money in the long run.  Arizona long-term care can cost more than $6,000 per month, and using this money to help ensure eligibility can save applicants many months of health care expenses.

Reasons for ALTCS Denial

Generally speaking, ALTCS applicants are denied benefits for one of three reasons:  They have too many resources, they have too much monthly income, or they do not qualify medically for the benefit.  JacksonWhite has tools available to help applicants overcome each of these issues.

As to resources, JacksonWhite can prepare an individualized strategy to help applicants get their resources within the allowable limit.  As to income, there are legal devices, such as a Miller Trust, that JacksonWhite can establish to bring an applicant’s income within the allowable limit.

And, as to medical requirements, JacksonWhite can educate applicants as to what ALTCS looks for, and even advocate to ALTCS as to why the applicant qualifies medically. We see many Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, and other ill patients get the help they need through our Medicaid planning program.

Peace of Mind You Deserve

Above all else, our Arizona Elder Law attorney provides ALTCS applicants with a peace of mind.  Arizona long-term health care is vitally important, and obtaining coverage for such care is many times necessary to prevent applicants from spending all of their savings on health care.  An Elder Law attorney can handle much of the application process for ALTCS applicants, and provide them with confidence that their long-term health care needs will be met.

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