Appointing an Arizona conservator

Conservatorships can only be established through the courts, but anybody with an interest in another person’s estate can petition the court to establish a conservatorship for that person.  As with guardianships, people do not necessarily require legal counsel to establish a conservatorship, but a conservatorship attorney can be quite helpful in facilitating the conservatorship petition and hearing.

Once petitioned, the court appoints an attorney to represent the proposed ward and schedules a hearing on the matter.  A court investigator prepares for the hearing by interviewing family members and friends.  The court may also require a medical or psychological report from a medical expert.  At the hearing, the court evaluates the conservatorship information, and appoints a conservator if necessary.  This entire process takes about eight weeks, although a temporary conservator can be appointed for certain emergencies in about three to ten business days.

A good starting point for establishing a conservatorship is consulting with an Arizona conservatorship attorney.  The conservatorship attorney will review the important documents, such as powers of attorney, trusts and Wills.  Based on the relevant conservatorship information, the attorney can help determine whether petitioning the court for a conservatorship is a good idea.  If necessary, the conservatorship attorney can prepare the appropriate documents and initiate the court proceedings.