Options when paying for Arizona long-term health care.

While Arizona’s Medicaid program, ALTCS, is many times the best option for financing long-term health care, it is certainly not the only option. In some situations, for instance, long-term care insurance may be a helpful tool.  But, because only healthy individuals with the means to afford premiums qualify for coverage, some people are not candidates for this long-term care insurance in AZ. Paying for care out-of-pocket is another alternative, but limited funds tend to go fast, considering that nursing home and assisted living bills add up at over $6,000 per month. Lastly, as to Medicare, while it may provide for short-term medical care, it does not provide coverage for long-term care in Arizona.

Even a cursory review of these alternatives should reveal that the ALTCS benefit is extremely helpful to those in need of long-term health care.  This is particularly true considering the enormous costs involved with paying for long-term health care, and the lack of viable alternatives when it comes to financing it.  Although Arizona Medicaid is only available to those who qualify for the benefit, our Arizona Elder Law attorneys can prepare people who apply for the benefit to obtain ALTCS eligibility in as short a period as possible.

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