Receiving a diagnosis for a progressive disease such as Alzheimer’s can leave you feeling a number of different emotions. The biggest question that arises from a diagnosis such as this one, is now what?

One of the first things, you and your loved one need to decide is who you’re going to tell about the diagnosis. Telling people about your diagnosis can be a difficult task on its own. After all, you don’t know how people will react once you tell them.

After you and your loved have come to terms with the diagnosis, it’s important to evaluate your options on how to pay for Alzheimer’s Disease. There are several options available to pay for treatment of this disease. Some of the options include:

  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Social Security Disability Income
  • Medicare
  • And Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALTCS), a branch of Arizona’s Medicaid program.

The benefits and qualifications depend on which payment option you apply for. For instance, ALTCS offers full coverage of medical services including doctor visits, hospital visits, prescriptions, lab work, and x-rays. It also offers nursing home care, home and community based services, and a special branch, designed for developmentally disabled adults and children, which provides benefits at home.

The qualifications for this program can be strict and confusing. Hiring an experienced Arizona elder law attorney can help make the process easier, and guide you in the right direction to getting benefits to pay for proper Alzheimer’s care in Arizona.

Once you’ve begun planning for long-term care, it’s important to plan for the future. There are important legal and financial documents that will help you plan your financial and medical needs should you become incapable of managing them. These documents include:

The purpose of these documents is to ensure that your expressed wishes regarding your finances and Alzheimer’s medical care are carried out. These documents will also help remove any financial burden from loved ones in the event of your death or disability.

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Arizona Alzheimer's and the Law

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