How does Veteran’s Pension affect seniors who apply for ALTCS?

Arizona Veteran’s Pension and Arizona Medicaid or ALTCS are two very different benefits, with their own sets of rules and policies. Problems may arise when veterans apply for VA benefits without first considering other options, such as ALTCS. ALTCS is specifically designed to cover the costs of long-term health care, which many times costs as much as $6,000 per month. Veteran’s Pension pays nowhere near this amount, and even a veteran who receives a full Pension could be far short of having enough to pay for long-term care.

The biggest problems tend to arise when veterans engage in misguided planning to qualify for Veterans Administration benefits in Arizona without first considering ALTCS eligibility requirements. Many times, veterans annuitize their assets to become eligible for Arizona VA benefits, and inadvertently create difficulties for themselves should they later apply for the ALTCS benefit. The best way to avoid these types of complications is to work early on with an attorney who handles not only veteran’s benefits, but the ALTCS benefit as well.

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