Easier, Not Harder

By June 2, 2008Uncategorized

Did you know that when an ALTCS application is submitted directly to ALTCS, applicants are denied 73% of the time? We think three things add to this denial rate:


  • Improper education prior to submitting an application
  • Bad information from many different sources during the application process
  • Hesitation on the part of the applicant due to misunderstanding of process 

At JacksonWhite Elder Law, we all believe very strongly in making the complicated system of paying for long-term care easier, not harder. The Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) can be very overwhelming to anyone – even those who are familiar with the benefit. Our four Elder Care Coordinators spend numerous hours educating and supporting both clients and non-clients through ALTCS. If you are a family member or a medical professional who helps others with this process, remember that good information and good counsel – before proceeding with the application process – can limit frustration, decrease the time it is going to take to apply and gain access to necessary benefits, and help the person applying not spend down more than they have to.

JacksonWhite offers a free telephone prescreen that allows our Elder Care Coordinators to analyze whether or not the applicant will have any barriers to the application they are going through. Often with the prescreen, we are able to educate the caller on services and how benefit programs work, as well as offer support, but the caller can then proceed on their own with the application. However, on other calls, we identify what will cause the client ineligiblity if it is not handled correctly and give them suggestions on how to “fix” the problems.

Don’t let your application be one of the 73%.  Prescreen your potentials with our Elder Care Coordinators today, either call our office or fax the Benefit Analysis Prescreen form into our office. We will gladly speak with the potential and guide them in the right direction. After all, “If it is your Family…..It has to be JacksonWhite!” It is our pleasure to help make this process Easier, Not Harder!!