Over Income?

By July 21, 2008Uncategorized

I am a firm believer that our long-term care system needs to be set up in a way so individuals who are maneuvering through the system for the first time are not overwhelmed or given bad information, thus making their journey throught the system more difficult.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case with the ALTCS program.  Last year, many individuals needing help paying for care were denied benefits because their income was too high, or worse, they never even bothered to apply because they were told that they made too much.  But in reality,  you can be approved for benefits even if your income is over the requirement of $1,911/month!  You can be approved if you create an INCOME ONLY TRUST  (otherwise known as a MILLER TRUST)!   So, why were they denied?  Bad Information!    It doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming.  If you need ALTCS and you make more than the $1,911/ month , don’t be scared off.  We can help.  Simply put, the income only trust is a “bucket” to hold the amount over the $1,911.  Call today if you think you are over income to receive benefits but are interested in this option for you or your clients and patients.  We definitely want you to get the best information possible!