Don’t get confused!

By July 25, 2008Uncategorized

In Arizona, Medicaid is called AHCCCS – or the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System.   Arizona uses federal medicaid dollars in a managed care fashion – we call this program AHCCCS  (pronounced “access“).   The different branches of AHCCCS are for acute care medical benefits and a branch for long-term benefits called Arizona Long Term Care System or “ALTCS” (pronounced “all techs“).   The acute care branch covers medical benefits like doctor visits, hospitalization and pharmacy, and the long-term care branch is for long-term services that include the acute care benefits plus services designed to keep the client in the lowest level of care possible. These services include: personal care, housekeeping, meals, nursing, and help with the room and board for assisted living and nursing home level of care.  Still confused?  Give us a call or attend one of our many free presentations!