Kicked Out of an Assisted Living Facility

By July 31, 2008Uncategorized

Can you imagine living in a facility nine and a half years, spending your life savings to live in a place you now call home, only to be kicked out when you’ve spent 300k and told that paying with Medicaid was no longer an option?

That’s exactly what happened to a 98-year-old woman in Washington State. The woman’s family claims that over the years, they’ve been repeatedly assured by facility management that their loved one could stay at the facility when her money ran out and have Medicaid pick up the payments but it appears the facility’s corporate owners changed their policy regarding the acceptance of such payments – leaving the woman to fend for herself.

We have seen similar corporate decisions occur in Arizona-based assisted living facilities. Arizona families have relied upon the assurances that the facility would accept Medicaid payments once the resident qualified for coverage only to be informed later, after the resident has lived in the facility for a time, of the company’s change in policy.  If this has happened to someone you know, please contact us so that we can gather this information and provide it to appropriate authorities.