Medical PAS

By November 5, 2008Uncategorized

In order to qualify for ALTCS you need to meet both financial and medical criteria, but how do you know if your loved one is medically eligible?  Did you know that you can have your client or loved one pre-screened medically for ALTCS even before you submit an application?   The ALTCS process is cumbersome, there is no denying that.  Some families are overwhelmed by all the required financial paperwork to only find out that their loved one does not qualify medically.  They might have been denied because they simply are not at a skilled level of care.  There is also the possibility that they were deemed medically ineligible because they wanted to appear more independent and gave an incorrect response.  A private PAS can always be requested prior to beginning the financial piece.  A private PAS works the same way as a standard PAS.  The assessor will assess the individual by looking at his/her ADL needs.  As a social worker for JacksonWhite it is my responsibility to medically pre-screen all clients.  I also attend the majority of the Pre-Admission Screenings with ALTCS.  If you have any questions regarding the medical PAS please feel free to give me a call or directly ask a question by commenting to this blog.  I am more than happy to assist.  I can be reached at 480-464-1111.