2009 ALTCS CSRD Numbers

By January 5, 2009Uncategorized

Individuals applying for ALTCS are oftentimes married to a healthy spouse. Because of this, ALTCS has created allowances to ensure the healthy spouse is financially provided for. This additional allowance of resources is called the Community Spouse Resource Deduction (CSRD).

The CSRD aims to ensure the healthy spouse’s needs are met and that his or her quality of life is maintained. The CSRD allows the healthy spouse to keep one-half of the countable resources with certain exceptions. For instance, the minimum CSRD for 2009 is $21,912. This means that a couple with $35,000 in countable resources could keep the minimum CSRD of $21,912 for the healthy spouse because half of $35,000 falls below the minimum CSRD. If the couple has $100,000 in countable resources, the deduction would be $50,000. On the other hand, the maximum CSRD for 2009 is $109,560, which means that a couple with $300,000 in countable resources would only be allowed to keep $109,560 for the healthy spouse, even though it is less than half of the total assets. The minimum and maximum amounts provided here are effective for 2009 and are reviewed each calendar year.

Because the well being of a healthy spouse is such an important issue, it is particularly important for married applicants to seek counsel when applying for ALTCS. Too many times, married individuals think they can only keep $3,000 in resources and spend everything else so the applicant is eligible for the ALTCS benefit. However, the State recognizes that this is not the best situation for the well spouse. That’s why the CSRD was created. Contact JacksonWhite Elder Law for more information on the CSRD amounts and for a complementary consultation with a social worker on your ALTCS options.