Are You Ready for the ALTCS Medical PAS?

By January 12, 2009Uncategorized

Before becoming eligible for the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS), ALTCS applicants must undergo a Pre-Admission Screen, known as the PAS. Although applicants must meet financial requirements in addition to the PAS, the PAS determines whether the applicant is medically eligible for ALTCS. Applicants begin the PAS process by providing an assessor with personal information such as age, date of birth, living arrangements and physician information. The assessor then examines various aspects of the applicant’s health such as continence, sensory impairments, orientation, behavior, and whether the applicant requires assistance with daily activities. Based on the gathered information, ALTCS determines whether the applicant qualifies medically to receive assistance. Applicants should prepare themselves for the PAS by speaking with a discharge planner, social worker, or other health care professional familiar with ALTCS medical requirements. Such a person will have good insight about whether the applicant will qualify medically. In addition to seeking guidance from one of these professionals, applicants should describe symptoms and behaviors which occur on their worst days when speaking with the PAS assessor, as this will illustrate their need for assistance. Presuming there is a genuine need for medical assistance individuals should not have difficulty meeting ALTCS medical requirements.

If you have questions about being medically eligible for ALTCS, please contact JacksonWhite and ask to speak to one of the Elder Care Coordinators or Social Workers in the Elder Law Department.