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Many of our clients on ALTCS are having issues with Medicare D premiums and copays for medication. I image this is true for all ALTCS recipients with the recent news that ALTCS has stopped the additional prescription coverage. Family members, friends or professionals, can limit this cost for the ALTCS recipient by making sure the individual is dually enrolled with the Medicare D provider. Any person on ALTCS and enrolled with a Medicare D provider should not have a copay larger than $6. In additon, the share-of-cost or room and board charge can be reduced to ensure the individuals still get the personal needs allowance of $101.10. If the ALTCS recipient is in a skilled nursing facility, please call the ALTCS eligiblity specialist when a bill for prescriptions or premiums is received. If the ALTCS recipient is residing anywhere else, please call the case manager with the program contractor when a bill for prescriptions or premiums is received.

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