ALTCS Provides Financial Assistance to Caregivers

By May 11, 2009Uncategorized

ALTCS recipients commonly require the assistance of a caregiver to accomplish their daily routine.  Professional caregiving services are available to help with this, but some ALTCS members prefer to have a family member assist them.  While family members are usually happy to be of service, the fact remains that caregiving takes time.  Family members are often called upon to sacrifice time from their busy schedule to provide care for their loved one.  The ALTCS program offers a benefit called “Attendant Care” which helps compensate family members for their time. 

The Attendant Care benefit allows a family member or friend to become a paid caregiver for an ALTCS member.  An ALTCS program contractor contracts with a healthcare agency which hires the family member or friend to be a caregiver.  Based upon need, the ALTCS program contractor authorizes a certain number of hours for which the caregiver can be paid. 

This arrangement provides a situation which is beneficial for the entire family.  The ALTCS member takes comfort in having a caregiver he or she loves and trusts, and the caregiver does not go uncompensated for his or her time.