ALTCS Members Are Permitted to Use Private Pay

By May 15, 2009Uncategorized

The ALTCS program provides assistance for a wide range of services.  It is based on a managed care concept, where members meet with a case manager who determines which specific types of assistance are required.  Depending on the member’s specific needs, the case manager may authorize a varying degree of assistance. 

In some instances, ALTCS members may wish to receive care not authorized by the case manager.  Members are permitted to use private pay dollars for any services not covered under ALTCS.  With planning, prospective ALTCS applicants can set aside money in a special needs trust for this purpose.  Money in a special needs trust is excluded from countable resources when ALTCS determines eligibility.  As such, special needs trusts can serve the dual functions of speeding up eligibility and providing for care beyond what ALTCS covers.