Do I Have to Choose?

By September 14, 2009Uncategorized

Outreach and education are so important when it comes to identifying benefits for those who may be eligible. ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care System) and the VA (Veteran’s Administration) Pension program are two benefits that I frequently discuss. Most of the time I get a statement of, “well, I know I can’t have both ALTCS and pension, so how do I choose?” This is when I can surprise the person by asking, “Who told you that you cannot receive both benefits?” Most of the time this is just what they, “heard,” and are not really sure where they heard such a thing. So, if you or someone you know are looking into potential benefits, get the facts first, and know that a person can absolutely receive both a VA pension and ALTCS benefits. If you have questions about either of these programs and how they can work together, please call one of our Elder Care Coordinators at (480) 464-1111.