Interesting comparison – true story

By September 15, 2009Uncategorized

While visiting a client in a nursing home last week to get some legal documents signed and to finalize the approval of ALTCS, the wife of the client told me a very interesting story.  It is her story….one that she felt so profound she wanted to share with me. 

Her husband is in the nursing home.   He has a room mate.  The two wives have become close as every day they visit their husbands and talk.   Mrs S, our client, moved her husband in almost the same time as Mrs H moved her husband in. Both did consultations with JacksonWhite, as both had too much to qualify for ALTCS yet did not have enough funds to pay privately for the $6000/month care their husbands were requiring.  Mrs S and Mrs H both had approximately the same amount of assets.  Mrs S decided to proceed and let JacksonWhite handle the application process and the preservation of funds.   Mrs H, decided that the flat fee from JacksonWhite was too expensive and decided to proceed with application on her own.   Mrs S, after giving me a huge hug, said that her husband had been approved with our help in less than three months, we were able to protect all remaining asset, do all the leg work, do all the necessary legal documentation to protect house AND she got a refund from the nursing home for the months her husband was “pending” ALTCS.  Sadly, Mrs H was still struggling.  She had been paying privately this whole time, has has such trouble getting all needed documents together and it looked like she was going to be denied ALTCS due to an issue that we had easily fixed for Mrs S.   She was distraught and overwhelmed and worse even, running through all of her savings to pay for care while she tirelessly worked on the ALTCS piece.  Now that Mrs S’s husband is approved for ALTCS she is now only paying $200 for share of cost she is able to relax and  be there for her husband while Mrs H is still floundering and having trouble.   Mrs S said to me…”my heart breaks for Mrs H, she should have just used your services and she would be all done, just like me”.

It is true that legal fees are expensive, but so important to weigh the potential loss if application is done incorrectly or denied.    There is certainly something to be said for getting it done right the first time and having peace of mind knowing the application and eligibility issues are all being dealt with correctly.  Mrs S thanked me over and over and whispered to me…”hiring JacksonWhite was the smartest money I have ever spent”…..