Automatic points for the Medical PAS

By October 28, 2009Uncategorized

Passing the medical PAS (pre-admission screening) is as equally important as meeting the income and resource criteria for ALTCS.  The applicant needs to score at least 60 points on the PAS in order to be approved.  The applicant will be scored based upon on much hands on assistance is needed in completing their ADL’s such as bathing and dressing.  A person with proof of a clinical diagnosis of a Dementia will receive an automatic 20 points.  A person with a form of paralysis will receive an automatic 6.5 points.  The applicant will need to show proof of the paralysis with medical records.  Right or left sided weakness will not count.   An applicant with a current prescription for oxygen may also receive an automatic 5 points based upon how often it is used.