ALTCS rules different for single applicant and married applicants

By July 29, 2010Uncategorized

Often when people call me to ask questions about ALTCS, they already have a preconceived notion about the rules. Maybe they have spoken to a neighbor, financial planner or a person who had already gone through the process-  although the person being very well meaning, probably told them the rules as they saw them and how the rules impacted the person they were applying for.   But they may not be the rules that apply to your situation!

Remember that each case is different… all of the variables in the persons history; medical condition and financial, needs to be evaluated prior to application.

Is the person married or single?  This plays a huge difference in the rules.  Before you proceed with the ALTCS application, it is best to complete a prescreen to evaluate how the rules affect your case.   We can do a FREE pre-screen over the phone or you can check out the newest way to be guided through the ALTCS applicaiton- www.!

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