America’s Uninsured on the Rise

By November 9, 2010Uncategorized

After massive efforts at collecting and assembling data, the U.S. Census Bureau has begun releasing figures about the American population.  And, in a number of ways, the data provides quite a bit of insight into the state of our nation.  One of the issues that the Bureau spotted is that the number of Americans without health insurance has increased significantly since even only one year ago.  A variety of explanations are available for this problem, with the economy being at the top of the list.  Whatever its cause, a lack of insurance generally translates into a lack of health care, which can many times lead to health problems.

Perhaps more than any other demographic, seniors need quality health care.  And, without health insurance, obtaining such care is difficult to do.  One of the big issues that many seniors run into in this regard is that most insurers do not cover long-term health care.  Even Medicare, which is the primary insurer of those over the age of 65, does not cover long-term health care.  Seniors who qualify both medically and financially, however, may find a solution in Arizona Medicaid, or ALTCS, as it is referred to.

ALTCS/Medicaid is not for everybody, as only those who qualify may receive the benefit.  Sometimes, however, seniors can engage in ALTCS planning to prepare themselves to meet Medicaid qualifications.  Speaking with an Elder Law attorney is a good place to begin for seniors with questions about ALTCS/Medicaid planning.