Caregiver services under Arizona Medicaid

By November 30, 2010Uncategorized

Those caring for elderly parents in AZ may know that the role of caregiver is not always an easy one to fill.  And a new study reveals that this job is likely to be even more difficult for those who are caring for veterans.  The New York Times recently ran a story on the study, and reported that the difficulties stem from a couple of sources.  First of all, veterans sometimes require longer periods of care, as they may receive wartime injuries early in their life that necessitate the care.  Secondly, and perhaps more profoundly, is that veterans are more likely to have issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder, which can make a caregiver’s job tremendously more difficult.

There is presently a movement underway to help caregivers properly fulfill their job.  Headed by the National Alliance for Caregiving and the United Health Foundation, this movement has provided Congress with several suggestions that may help caregivers – particularly those who care for veterans.  Among the suggestions are to establish training programs, mentoring programs, support groups, and legal advice programs.  The hope is that caregivers will one day have a support network upon which they can rely to relieve some of their burden.

In Arizona, there is already a certain degree of support available to caregivers.  And, not only is this support available, but it may be covered by Arizona Medicaid.  ALTCS/Medicaid members may be eligible to receive in-home medical care.  If an ALTCS/Medicaid member has a family member caregiver, ALTCS may compensate that family member for his or her time.  Further, Arizona Medicaid may provide caregivers with respite care so that they may have some time away from their responsibilities as caregiver.

Those caring for elderly parents in AZ ought to look into Arizona Medicaid if they have not yet done so.  ALTCS/Medicaid is not available to everybody, but ALTCS planning may help people meet ALTCS requirements.  Speaking with an Elder Law attorney is the best way to begin ALTCS Medicaid planning.  Although caregiving is not always easy, caregivers do not have to do it alone, and an Elder Law attorney may be able to help caregivers obtain the assistance they need.