National Caregiver Month

By December 1, 2010Uncategorized

Those caring for elderly parents in AZ may be interested to know that November was National Family Caregivers Month.  And, while this national designation certainly isn’t as widely recognized as say Veteran’s Day, it is nice to know that the important role caregivers fill is not being overlooked.  In fact, the President himself made a proclamation to the nation about family caregiving to kick off the month.  President Obama acknowledged that without caregivers, it would be tremendously more difficult for seniors to remain safely in their homes.  For this, as well as other reasons, the president beckoned the nation to pay tribute to caregivers throughout the month of November.

What the president did not mention in his proclamation is that the costs involved with caregiving can add up.  On the one hand, hiring a professional caregiver is by no means inexpensive; but, on the other hand, family members who assume caregiver responsibilities bear other types of costs by giving up time and opportunities.  To help pay for these costs, Arizona Medicaid is available to Arizona residents who meet ALTCS eligibility requirements.  Although many mistakenly believe that Arizona Medicaid only helps pay for nursing home care, it actually covers a continuum of care, including caregiving received in the home.  Accordingly, those who receive caregiver services, even if from a family member, should consider whether ALTCS/Medicaid is or may become an option.  An Elder Law attorney is best suited to help make these types of considerations.