California’s Caregiver Scandal

By December 3, 2010Uncategorized

With the likely exception of California felons, Californians are unhappy about their state home health care agency’s hiring policy.  This policy permits California’s home health care program to hire just about anybody to work as a caregiver for California seniors.  The program has reportedly hired hundreds of felons to care for the elderly, who have been committed for crimes ranging from sale of drugs to burglary.  And even though the state has had problems with these employees on a few occasions, it has yet to tighten up its hiring practices.  As awareness of the situation is spreading, a growing number of Californians are becoming incensed that the state is permitting this.  The full story was recently referenced in the Los Angeles Times, and can be read in full here.

This is the type of horror story that gives those caring for elderly parents in AZ nightmares.  Hiring a caregiver is a necessary consideration for many such people, as it is many times impossible to provide an aging parent with the constant attention he or she needs without hired help.  The good news is that the problem in California is certainly the exception, and not the rule.  There are a vast number of quality caregiver services here in the state with skilled and experienced caregivers.  And, in many instances Arizona Medicaid, or Arizona Long Term Care Services, will help cover the costs of caregiver services.

Contrary to what many people mistakenly believe, ALTCS/Medicaid covers a range of health care services.  For seniors who do not yet require care in a skilled nursing center, and could benefit from care in the home, ALTCS/Medicaid Home and Community Based Services program may be a good option.  This program covers care provided right in the home for seniors who qualify medically and financially.  Seniors who do not qualify financially may be able work with an Elder Law firm to arrange their affairs so that they can qualify for Arizona Medicaid with as little delay possible.