Can I apply for ALTCS/Medicaid without an elder law attorney?

By January 31, 2011Uncategorized

Those who apply for Arizona Medicaid should always ask themselves whether they require an Elder Law attorney’s assistance.  Sometimes, the answer to this question is yes, an Elder Law attorney would be instrumental in helping with ALTCS planning.  In simpler cases, however, it may be that an Arizona Medicaid applicant does not require an Elder Law attorney’s assistance.  To be clear, a simple ALTCS application is one in which the applicant satisfies the income and asset requirements without engaging in any ALTCS planning.

Applicants with simple ALTCS applications can apply directly to the state ALTCS office.  To apply for Arizona Medicaid, applicants can contact an ALTCS representative by phone, and the representative will get them started with the process.  Of course, the problem that oftentimes arises is that applicants don’t know whether or not their application will in fact be simple.  Most times, ALTCS/Medicaid applicants are unfamiliar with all of the requirements, and are unsure whether or not they will qualify without a glitch.

Fortunately, there is a middle ground for those who apply for Arizona Medicaid.  Namely, MyALTCS is an automated online service that walks those who apply for Arizona Medicaid through the application process.  MyALTCS is available online, at, and it provides users with step-by-step instructions on how to properly execute and submit an application for the ALTCS benefit.

If, at any time MyALTCS recognizes a potential problem with ALTCS eligibility, it notifies the user and provides direction as to how the problem may be resolved.  This may involve speaking with an Elder Law attorney about ALTCS planning, or merely waiting for a period of time before submitting the application.  Either way, MyALTCS assesses the applicant’s eligibility status before the applicant submits his application, which provides both confidence and peace of mind.

So, as to whether ALTCS/Medicaid applicants require an Elder Law attorney’s assistance to apply for Arizona Medicaid, the final answer is that it depends.  Those who are unsure about how to proceed can always visit as a good starting point.  After visiting the Site, applicants will have a better idea of whether they should consult with an Elder Law firm.