Long-term care planning in the news

By March 3, 2011Uncategorized

A recent article in Time magazine highlighted much of what we have been talking about on the blog since we first started posting.  Namely, the article reported that although a huge number of Americans are approaching the age where they should begin considering long-term health care, not even half of these individuals have started making preparations to pay for such care.  The article pointed out that some believe Medicare covers long-term health care; others believe their children will care for them; and still others grossly underestimate just how much long-term health care can cost.  For whatever the reason, those who fail to make any preparations might be setting themselves up for serious hardship down the road.

The Time article reviewed long-term health care insurance, and mentioned how obtaining such a policy is becoming increasingly more difficult and expensive.  The article also reviewed the costs associated with long-term care to illustrate the point that long-term health care is difficult to pay for out-of-pocket.  But, being a national publication, the one thing not mentioned in the Time article was Arizona Medicaid.  Those considering their long-term health care needs, as well as those caring for elderly parents in AZ ought to put some serious thought into Arizona Medicaid eligibility.

By no means is ALTCS/Medicaid a solution for everybody.  Rather, it is only available for those who meet Arizona Medicaid eligibility requirements.  But, even those who do not presently meet these requirements may make preparations to apply for Arizona Medicaid at a future time.  Many who apply for Arizona Medicaid find that it is the only real solution to their problem paying for long-term health care.  To learn more about the Arizona Medicaid eligibility process, prospective ALTCS/Medicaid applicants should speak with an Elder Law attorney about their planning options.