The ALTCS benefit does not always follow an ALTCS member who moves

By March 22, 2011Uncategorized

Arizona Long Term Care System is a branch of Arizona Medicaid.  And, logically, as Arizona Medicaid, ALTCS is only available to qualifying Arizona residents.  As such, Californians cannot apply for Arizona Medicaid, nor do ALTCS members remain eligible for the benefit if they move to another state.  Furthermore, while ALTCS members may move from place to place within Arizona, they must take certain precautions to remain eligible if they move to a county different from the one in which they were initially approved for the benefit.

Even after an individual goes through the tedious ALTCS application process, ALTCS/Medicaid does not automatically follow him or her from county to county.  Rather, ALTCS members must check with their program contractor before making a move.  While making this request is ordinarily procedural in nature, it is important for ALTCS/Medicaid members to adhere to the letter of the law.  Neglecting to do so can actually cause an ALTCS/Medicaid member to lose eligibility for the benefit.