House Bill 2424

By March 22, 2011Uncategorized

Last time, we discussed the changes to AZ guardianship law that the adoption of Senate Bill 1499 would usher in.  As it now stands, the senate bill’s primary competition is House Bill 2424, to which we will now turn our attention.  While many judges and attorneys oppose HB 2424, it has gathered a fairly wide support network from activists seeking changes in AZ guardianship and AZ conservatorship law.

Very generally speaking, HB 2424 imposes stricter limits on fiduciaries than the senate bill.  Most notably, it imposes a ceiling on attorney and fiduciary fees, and establishes a monthly accounting process to keep such fees in check.  Also importantly, HB 2424 would establish an extra-judicial panel so that those impacted by the judicial system could have somewhere to turn if they felt slighted by the system.  While the panel’s primary authority would involve reporting to the governor and setting training standards for judges, some worry that this would politicize the judicial process.

If adopted, HB 2424 would make serious changes to Arizona law as it pertains to fiduciary relationships.  And while it would arguably offer another layer of protection to wards and their families, it would by no means eliminate the need for competent and trustworthy guardianship attorneys.  To help you understand the changes that AZ guardianship law is presently undergoing, you can seek out the assistance of a qualified guardianship attorney.