Getting ready for the medical PAS

By April 13, 2011Uncategorized

We talk a lot on this blog about the financial requirements ALTCS/Medicaid applicants must satisfy to qualify for Arizona Medicaid.  It has been a long time, however, since we have discussed in detail the medical requirements, and it is probably important that we do so.  The medical requirements are just as necessary for Arizona Medicaid applicants to satisfy as the financial requirements, and applicants who do not qualify medically cannot receive the benefit.

Every Arizona Medicaid applicant must undergo a Pre-Admission Screen, which is generally referred to as the PAS.  In short, the PAS determines whether the applicant qualifies medically for Arizona Medicaid.  ALTCS applicants begin the process by providing an eligibility worker with personal information, such as age, date of birth and living arrangements.  After making sure the applicant satisfies the general criteria, the ALTCS worker goes on to examine the ALTCS/Medicaid applicant’s health status.  Continence, sensory impairments, orientation, behavior, and whether the applicant requires assistance with certain activities of daily living are all considered.

Because eligibility for Arizona Medicaid depends heavily on the Pre-Admission Screen, applicants should prepare themselves for the process by speaking with a professional who is familiar with what the eligibility worker looks for.  This person should have a pretty good idea of whether the individual qualifies medically, and can advise on whether the timing is right to apply for ALTCS/Medicaid.  In addition to consulting with somebody who is familiar with the PAS, Arizona Medicaid applicants ought to describe symptoms and behaviors that occur on their worst days when speaking with the PAS assessor to genuinely illustrate their need for assistance.  So long as the ALTCS/Medicaid applicant truly needs long-term health care, he or she should not have difficulty with the PAS.

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