Qualify for AZ Medicaid on the first application

By April 20, 2011Uncategorized

As we have discussed in the past, the majority of Arizona Medicaid applicants do not qualify for the benefit on their first application.  More often than not, these applicants are in immediate need of health care, and they do not have a stockpile of wealth.  In other words, a shockingly high percentage of those who apply for Arizona Medicaid are not approved, even though they have a genuine and imminent need for assistance.

Obtaining Arizona Medicaid eligibility is not a simple process, as applicants must meet very strict medical and financial requirements to qualify. WQ In large part, qualifying for the program hinges on the timing of the application, particularly for applicants who are paying for their health care out-of-pocket.  What many times happens is that applicants apply for Arizona Medicaid too early, and are thus denied eligibility even though they are very close to meeting the financial requirements.  Then, when they no longer have resources to pay for their care privately, they must resubmit an application and again wait for a response from the eligibility worker.  In a worst-case scenario, this can create a gap in coverage, and the individual can go without much needed health care.

Many times the solution to this dilemma lies in simple ALTCS planning.  JacksonWhite offers a telephone prescreening to help prospective ALTCS applicants determine whether they will have any barriers to eligibility.  Often we can educate callers on services and how benefit programs work, and the caller can then proceed with the application on his or her own.  Other times, we identify ALTCS planning strategies that could help the caller successfully qualify for Arizona Medicaid without suffering a denial of benefits.

For a free prescreening to see whether or not you qualify for Arizona Medicaid you can call JacksonWhite today and speak with a Elder Law attorney. (480) 818-6912