What is ALTCS?

By April 25, 2011Uncategorized

Common misspellings of ALTCS:

Sadly, there are still many people who have not heard of ALTCS.  ALTCS is an acronym that stands for Arizona Long-Term Care System, and it pays for the cost of long-term health care for qualifying Arizonans.  Although the program is pronounced “all-tecs,” it is commonly misspelled.  As such, if you see a program spelled ALLTECS, ALTC, or ALTECS, the program to which it is in all likelihood referring is ALTCS.

Getting clear on ALTCS:

No matter how you spell the program, ALTCS is something you want to be aware of.  Long-term health care is extraordinarily expensive, and if you are like many other Arizonans, paying for such care will not be easy.

If you qualify for the ALTCS program, however, you could be eligible to have all of your long-term health care covered.  Qualifying for the program is not always easy, but there are preparations you can make to set yourself on course to meet the ALTCS requirements.

The best way to learn about ALTCS is to discuss the specific ALTCS eligibility requirements with a qualified elder law attorney.  To learn more about ALTCS, and to determine whether you might qualify for ALTCS assistance, contact JacksonWhite to speak with an Elder Law attorney today. (480) 818-6912