Why an Arizona probate lawyer can help

By April 26, 2011Uncategorized

You have probably heard advertisements for do-it-yourself wills that are meant to replace the role of the Arizona probate lawyer.  Before we go into some of the reasons why you absolutely want an Arizona probate lawyer to help you with your will, let’s begin by saying that the do-it-yourself will is certainly an option.  But just because an option exists does not mean you should exercise it without fully considering what is at stake.

By forging ahead without the counsel of an Arizona probate lawyer, you are at risk of following a plan that is inappropriate to your specific situation.  In other words, while a simple do-it-yourself will might help you leave an inheritance, you might be much better served by establishing a trust, or by simply designating beneficiaries on your accounts.  And unless you counsel with an Arizona probate lawyer, you might not even know that a full range of options exists.

Another risk you take when you make these plans without an Arizona probate lawyer is that the court will deem your will invalid.  With something as important as a last will and testament, it only makes sense to take every precaution possible when establishing it.  Will challenges are not entirely uncommon, and an Arizona probate lawyer can help you create a will that is able to withstand scrutiny.

Ultimately, the choice is yours as to whether to involve an Arizona probate lawyer when drafting your will.  Just keep in mind that the gifts you leave in your will are in all likelihood the largest gifts you will ever give.

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