How to find a Medicaid attorney

By April 28, 2011Uncategorized

If you are struggling with obtaining Medicaid approval, either for yourself or for somebody for whom you are concerned, a Medicaid attorney might be able to help.  But, as you may already know, Medicaid is governed by a complicated set of rules, and law schools typically do not teach these rules to law students studying to become lawyers.  As such, when selecting a Medicaid attorney, do not assume that just any attorney can handle your case.  Rather, you should look for a Medicaid attorney that has devoted many years to this practice, and can comfortably navigate Medicaid’s rules, complicated as they may be.

When selecting a Medicaid attorney, you should make sure that the attorney has experience specifically with Arizona Medicaid.  Ask the attorney how many applications he prepares in a typical month, and of those applications, how many end up getting approved by the ALTCS office.  Ask the attorney if he has strong experience with drafting trusts that could help you meet the ALTCS eligibility requirements if necessary.  For instance, a Medicaid attorney should know the ins and outs of special needs trusts and income only trusts, and should have a long history of drafting such trusts effectively.

One good analogy to keep in mind when selecting a Medicaid attorney is that you would not call a dentist for help with a broken foot, nor would you call a plumber to fix your car’s transmission.  For the very same reasons, you should not call an attorney who does not have a strong Medicaid practice to help you prepare for your Medicaid application.

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